Decklist Links

Easy Access to older decklists sorted by nothing really lol probably just sorted by kind of deck and in order by date (Date's aren't listed but they are in order for the most part).  I hope you all find them enjoyable and inspiring.

Meta (You all love this stuff):
Currently Legal:
TCG Wind-ups
Interplanetarypurplythorny Gadgets
Interplanetarypurplythorny Chaos
Merchant Chaos
Merchant Laval
 Sea Launcher (Sea Lancer meets Fishborg Launcher)
Synchrocentric (Small Monster Build)
Tengu Chaos Agent Angel (Not that great really)

No Longer Legal:
Tengu Synchro Beats (My Own Personal Deck Pre- 9/1)
Low Tengu Synchro (Less than 19 monsters Pre-9/1)
Blasphemy (Tengu, Plant, Agent, T.G Pre-9/1)
Broken (Precursor to Blasphemy Pre-9/1)
First Agent Angel (My First Build when I got the cards Pre-9/1)
Assorted Dark World Builds (Includes DN reports Pre-9/1)
Maxx C Fueled Plant Synchro (Pre-3/1)

Currently Legal:
Heiroglyphic Dragons 
Neo-Spacian Advantage
Wattage Beatdown 
Plants (Nearly Pure)
Gemknight (Newest Build)
Gishki Turbo 2 (Zeal Gigas build)
Sacred Chaos (No Comment)
Ninja (New TCG Exclusives build 1)
Gemknight (Early Build)
Gishki Turbo (Early Build)
Lich Lord Gustkrake 
Psycho (Space Time Police Build)
Gadget Synchro Offering
Old Ninja Build (Pre ORCS)

No Longer Legal:
Trad Frog FTK and Archfiend Synchro Xyz.dek...
Batterymen Beats (Pre 9/1)
Hero Six Samurai (Pre 9/1)
T.G. Six Samurai (Pre 9/1)
Morphtronics (Pre 9/1)
Jurrac (Un-fun pre 9/1)
Wind-up (Ernest 9/1)
Meklord (Ernest 9/1)
T.G. Psychic (Ernest 9/1)
Ice Barrier (Ernest 9/1)
Witches Apprentice (Ernest 9/1)
Laval (Pre 9/1)
Gemknight (Old Build Pre- 9/1)
Gishki Hero (Pre 9/1)
Morphtronics Big Traps (Pre 9/1)
Morphtronics Older Build (Pre 9/1)
Gusto Tengu (Pre 9/1)
Completely Illegal Exodia (Pre 9/1)
Malefic (Pre 9/1)
Karakuri Morphtronic (Pre 9/1)
Psycho (Pre 3/1)
Karakuri (Pre 3/1)
Nordic (Pre 3/1)
Morphtronics (Pre 3/1 Life Stream Dragon)
Tech Genus (Pre 3/1 and Pre Full Spoiler of EXVC)

Currently Legal: 
Junk OTK 3.0
Vylon OTK (Kay'Est Vylon Loop)
Laval Quasar (3 spell card Quasar)
Gustaph Max FTK/OTK (Electrum Loop)
Future Fusion FTK (Requested but isn't that good)
Junk OTK 2.0 Alpha (There's a couple of these lol)
Junk OTK 2.0 Beta (Yep Beta came first somehow) 

No Longer Legal:
Junk OTK (Yeppers my favorite build)

Combo Based:
Currently Legal:
Heiroglyphic Reckless Summon (IRS with Atum for near OTK)
Black Magician of Chaos (Ritual deck the fun way)
Raida Xyz (LaDD is fun)
Chaos Chain (Lavalval Chain Chaos)
Goblindbergh (Goblindbergh Xyz deck)

No Longer Legal:
Zombie Xyz (Pre Ruling Change on Xyz and Pre 9/1)
Quillbolt Zombie Xyz (Pre Ruling Change on Xyz and Pre 9/1)
Token Synchro (Pre 9/1)
Halberd Cannon Beast of the Pharaoh ((9/1)

Currently Legal:
Photon Drain (Photons with Skill Drain) 
Verz Control (Yep it works but this is with older cards)
Alexandrite Beatdown (Alexandrite Dragon Light Beat)
Begone Knave (Yep a deck based on that card)

No Longer Legal:
 Token Control with Uria (Pre 9/1)
Fiend Control 2.0 (Pre 3/1)
Fiend Synchro Control (Pre 3/1)

Currently Legal:
Magi Magi Gal
Horakhty Frog 2 (Eh it worked pretty well)  
Spirit Frogs
Horakhty Frog 1
Magnet Warriors (Someone wanted them)

No Longer Legal:
Psycho Plant Sephiron  (pre 9/1)
Spellcaster Monarch (pre 9/1)
Formula Monarch (pre 9/1)