Wednesday, February 29, 2012

State of the Blog Address March Edition

So this is the second State of the Blog Address signaling a switching over from Card Reviews back to Decks and Strategy. The blog's average views have since December have nearly doubled. In December this blog received 4000+ views. In Feburary this blog has received 10000 views. I'm quite massively proud of this blog and I'm happy many of you view this blog daily to see what new post I have made. I have been late in posting recently due to DN testing for March, I already have a few decks lined up so as to ease my transition not only into a new format of deck building but also into a new card set that will soon be following in April (Card Reviews in April (Return of the Duelist)). There are many things I've been meaning to experiment with especially Card Car "D", Double Torrential Tribute, and the lack of obscenely easy Synchro Summons. Thanks to DN updating the list tomorrow I'll be able to get to work seriously.

Finally there is also the factor of my real life, I have been able to devote time to this blog quite well but in recent days I've had so much to prepare for that things have been relatively late in posting. Right now I am doing a crash course in Soul Caliber V and am practicing a team of Ryu, Nemesis, Storm/Amaterasu for Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. So occasionally my posts will be rather later than my standard and promised 7 PM EST mark. There is more work to be done and this blog will hopefully continue it's rise in viewership as I begin to make decklists and strategy.

Thank you all for viewing and I heart-fully hope that you all will continue to give me your support as I perform this service as much as for me as it is for you.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tech Choices for Next Format

Alright to start with Veiler and Maxx "C" aren't Tech they are damn near staples... Tech would be things like random one-two of creature swap or random one-two of any random card that isn't a staple and isn't included in the standard build for a deck.

So first great tech monster this format would be Vanity's Fiend.
At first thought you'd say well why would I run this over Caius in a next format deck at the beginning of the format?

Well the beginning of the format is the best place for cards like this to shine as this card locks out the major untouched decktypes aside from Inzektors while maintaining a 2400 body... which ties with Laggia but if this hits the field first there won't be a Laggia... Meaning this card works best in a deck were you can summon it turn 1. You may be thinking there aren't any major decks that do that well what about throwing this into a Synchro Spam deck which due to the lack of Glow-up and Spore run Unknown Synchron? It'll be an extremely unexpected turn 1 and your opponents will rush to kill it and once it's gone your plays open right back up and your opponent has one-two less playable cards.

So after all that you may be wondering would such a useful card stay useful? I doubt it as the format progresses you'll most likely have a more restricted design space and most tech cards will be left out unless they have proven themselves.

File:Jinzo-CA-JP-ScR.jpgWell next main deck tech card!! Jinzoningen - Psycho Shocker

Alright why did I review two tribute monsters as tech cards? Well with Call of the Haunted hitting the three mark and with Dino Rabbit's major increase in popularity why not drop a card that they have to waste a tour guide or ram a Laggia into? Not to mention reviving this on the chain or to stop a Fiendish Chain thanks to Call of the Haunted. This card being revived from the graveyard is unstoppable aside from negating the Call of the Haunted as not even MST can stop the special summon if Call is being chained to MST (MST chained to call is different). Once this hits the field a minimum 7 cards are locked from your opponent in some decks even more. It also changes your opponents strategy. Now they have to waste things on it yet you have 2 more Call of the Haunted meaning it'll never be dead for long. It also is a great card in Monarch decks because they run no traps anyway. just in general this card is nice tech especially if the backrow enlarges to include more things like double torrential.

NightShot-GAOV-JP-R.jpgWell now we have a new spell card Night Shot...
This card was just reviewed I know but I never told you all how good this card was a piece of tech. First off this card stops your opponent from using the targetted card meaning no surprise Guesscrushes or Call of the Haunteds or even Threatening Roar or Safe Zone or Ninjitsu Arts if they weren't activated yet. It's best applications are in the side deck though as it can be sided in against an opponent with many Chainable Traps to stop those traps dead as MST wouldn't do the job unless you preempted them. TCG won't have this until May or so but for OCG this card is quite useful if you need to vary your spell trap line-up and can catch many opponents off guard when they expected to be able to deal with backrow removal.

DeckDevastationVirusFET-EN-SR-1E.jpgYep this card for sure. In any and I mean any top deck this format there exists a major engine of very very weak monsters. Meaning you can disable all of that with this card. You can even tribute a Vanity's Fiend you no longer needed to wreck your opponent and then start your comboes. Or in Gravekeepers either give a Wonder Wand to Descendant or just have Necrovalley on the field. Or use a Malefic anyway you do it even with Giant Orc this card severely hampers your opponent. Now they no longer can use Sangan, Tour Guide, Rabbit, Dragonfly, Wattanything, and a plethora of other cards.

DivineWrathDT04-EN-DNPR-DT.jpgWell you all knew I'd mention this card. First and foremost most people cannot afford a 40 dollar Fiendish Chain and Rabbit loves Fiendish Chain and Veiler as it skips over both of those in TCG in the OCG it falls prey to them like honey which is how it should be but in the TCG catch 22 cards like Divine Wrath are quite useful and very unexpected. First off unlike Fiendish Chain this card destroys the monster and can affect Graveyard or hand effects. There is no monster effect this card can't stop except for Continuous effects. In OCG there is a huge influx of Raigeki Break once again in TCG that card is relatively useless due to priority being retained to activate Ignition Effects. But this allows one to stop that kind of card dead. Rabbit gets negated and stays in grave. Tour Guide gets negated and opponent no longer has an on field monster. Veiler gets negated before it can harm anything. This card can negate Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness and Tragoedia even though it's in the Damage Step because those are effects. It's the ultimate Catch 22 of effect negation and at the cost of discard 1 card is actually perfect tech for Inzektors who don't really need their hand much and have a rather annoying match-up with Dino Rabbit... well now they can negate Dolkka's effect or even Laggia's effect (Laggia is not Solemn Judgment speed but even if it was some how this can still kill it). This card just wrecks havoc against Dino Rabbit.

CardCarD-GAOV-JP-R.jpgWell you all knew I'd review this car.
You see this card freely and happily says oh you run a deck with no good turn 1 play please run 3 of me and I'll be your good turn 1 play!!

Of course as a player you'd accept. This will be a teched card at first as it's drawback is major but in certain decks as a tech it's great but as a main stay at 3 it can be quite effective... Hieroglyphs love this card as they can't OTK turn 1 anyway so this lets them draw their pieces easier.  Dark World can use this to get a better start at their hand. Laval love this card as they have no turn 1 play aside from gold sarcophagus which can be played and then you Card Car for the extra draws. Game 2 if you won I'd side out the Card Car's and put in standard side deck stuffs lol. Inzektors benefit because they have no real turn 1 play as Hornet loves opponent's field... thanks to Gullho though they don't really no longer have a First turn play as they no longer need to destroy in order to use Centipede or Dragonfly's effects.

CardDestructionEX-JP-ScR.jpgThis'll be the last card I'm doing for tech as the rest you can figure out yourself and i'm plenty tired and this post is already 2 hours late.

Card Destruction with the uprise of Dark World is a dangerous card to use but in the right hands and the lack of Dark World being a major deck this card can wreak havoc on an unprepared opponent. It's best used turn 1 if an opponent seems satisfied with their hand. Suddenly they have been disrupted and you get a new hand. It's just the ultimate disruption card but the best part is how unexpected it is. No one expects to lose their hand... and dropping their major pieces is very useful. Hitting Rabbit and Tour Guide and some Normal Monster is possibly game over. Hitting a backrow set-up can be game ending. Also game 1 this card going first can give you information on your opponent you otherwise wouldn't have. It's just a nice card that as tech can be scary and terrify some opponents.

Monday, February 27, 2012

March 2012 Banlist Review

So the new list in on the verge of being the new Advanced Format... This is the first OCG list to feature a hit on a TCG exclusive card without any prior notice of release. This list as you can tell effectively destroys Synchro Spam while not hurting many of the Xyz centered decks. Essentially this list is the first Rotation Yu-Gi-Oh has ever had and many don't understand that old things need to die to keep the game fresh and allow for better card design... dancing around Glow-up Bulb and Spore breaking special summons was probably bothersome.

Here is said list of greatness

Glow-up Bulb
Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Trap Dustshoot

T.G. Striker
Agent of Mystery - Earth

Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner
Emergency Teleport
Shien's Smoke Signal
Level Limit Area - B
Torrential Tribute
Ultimate Offering
Reborn Tengu

No Longer Limited:
Call of the Haunted

So lets start with the bans and why they were actually good for the game.

1. Glow-up Bulb: This card singlehandedly brought the Plant Engine into the age of free plus 2's on a massive scale... One for one became Pot of Greed with this card around. A Pot of Greed that could summon more large monsters or make Gantetsu (Thanks for hitting Formula). You could run this card in anything and in Gadget Offering you could easily make Trishula before continuing into Shock Ruler and Double Hope or more. In Lightsworns they suddenly had the option to use this and Plaguespreader for Synchro Spam of epic proportions. This card just fit anywhere you needed a Synchro Option it was too good and it made Xyz look far less useful than they are without it.

2. Spore: Same situation as Glow-up Bulb but only in decks that ran the full 5 card Plant Engine... This card single-handed turned 1 Reborn Tengu into Librarian, Stardust and a third Tengu depending on what plant was in grave. It just made the Plant Engine able to diversify it's Synchro Options and just allowed even more spam. Those two hits alone killed Plant Synchro based builds.

3.Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier: Not a necessary hit but at the same time it needed to be done. This card just becomes easier and easier to summon Glow-up and Spore weren't even the reason this was summoned so often so don't lump the 3 together like that when reviewing. This card put simply is a plus 2 upon summoning and normally was nearly free to make to begin with like most synchro summons nowadays. It shouldn't have existed at least as a Dragon make it a Sea-Serpent and it wouldn't be as bad.

4. Trap Dustshoot: Face it this card if activated turn 1 meant that you had an over 80% chance to win that duel no matter the match-up... this card royally screwed anyone... and if you happened to have a Mind Crush with it you had a near 100% chance to win as you'd have just dropped your opponents best play often forcing them to pass the turn.

Now for the Limits and how they help diversity:

1. T.G. Striker: Card was part of the T.G. Engine which consisted of 5 cards much like the Plant Engine (2 Striker and 3 Werewolf) this Engine allowed instant Wonder Magician and Chaos plays rather easily. This now means that T.G. is still perfectly viable as a deck but the T.G. Engine that was used rather widespread in the OCG has been neutered much like the Plant Engine. This also was a soft hit to T.G. Agents

2. Agent of Mystery - Earth: Agents had too much consistency with this card... essentially turn 1 was grab Venus end... but if you were able to protect Earth for a turn you could make an instant Trishula... If you were unable to protect Earth then in T.G. Agents you could have summoned Striker then used Venus and made Trishula anyway or any other Xyz you want or even double Gantetsu... This was a hit purely to decentralize Agent decks and force a slightly wider selection of Agent monsters allowing Agents to now have room in the deck to Adapt majorly to the format at will.

Now for the immense Semi-Limit list which may be the biggest Semi-List of all time. It essentially reopens older decks that didn't so much spam Synchros as they did swarm. It also gives back Stall which isn't as good anymore.

1. Marshmallon: Spirit Reapers harder to kill younger brother. This card not only does 1000 damage if your opponent runs into it... It also is a LIGHT monster and can only be destroyed by Removal... meaning Dino Rabbit is no longer very threatening as they can't just get rid of it without wasting something like Fiendish Chain to negate it's survival effect.

2. Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner: Face it... LS died awhile ago... 3 JD and 2 Lumina may help bring the deck back to a competitive level. Which isn't a bad thing like so many people think. It'd bring more good decks to the fold.

3. Emergency Teleport: Without Mind Master this card lost a lot of its power, and gives a needed boost to Psychic and Gusto decks. Many will attempt Tele-DAD again which may be a nice thing to see around. But it will be so far weakened from it's previous strength that it can be ignored as a major threat.

4. Shien's Smoke Signal: Great Card is Great... And now you have 2 of them... Six Sams just got the Consistency they have been waiting for. Now they have a total of 3 effective ROTA's meaning they can make their Shi En with far more ease than before.

5. Level Limit Area - B: Stall card that targets Levels meaning like Gravity Bind it no longer needs to be on the list as your opponent can simply Xyz to ignore this card completely.

6. Torrential Tribute: Because this list promotes Swarm decks and because of how Dino Rabbit works an extra Torrential is necessary. It allows one to stop a Swarm with impunity and now they can do it twice. People may be thinking this to 2 is a bad move but in reality it's the best move for the situation and will make your opponent have even more to think about when he swarms without a Heavy Storm.

7. Ultimate Offering: A tad bit unnecessary but its another nice hit that lowers to power of Gadget Xyz and the subsequent OTK.

8. Reborn Tengu: No one seem to know how this was hit on an OCG list but I wonder if they noticed Konami saying TCG and OCG will have the same list. This means that if they need to address TCG they will address it while they address OCG. This card at 2 is no longer much of a threat and further wounds Tengu Plants to the point of unplayability which is fine as it killed originality. This card was just too good and too splashable to the point of fitting in everywhere with near ease.

Finally for the Unlimit:
1. Call of the Haunted: With triple MST it's not as big of a problem and gives a mini-boost to any graveyard dependent deck.It's also a bit slow to be a big problem and is overshadowed by Monster Reborn's super turn around factor. this also can be a turn around card but to a lesser degree and in this format Turn Around cards are important to keep the game tame.

That is my take on the banlist from an optimistic viewpoint.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Galactic Overload Review FINAL: Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss

Well time for the final review of GAOV. Thanks for reading all these reviews, Last Night was sure tiring but today will be short sweet and to the point if that is ok as most of these cards need little explanation.

Galactic Overload Review 8 and 9: Final Evolution!

Yessir I'm back so in retrospect trip was quite nearly a complete waste. I didn't place in the event which sucked hard but at the same time I'm actually happy I didn't place because if I did I'd have to have even more stress... This also means only 3 major events left until I can kick back. First we have Final Round 15 and then we have Prom and finally Graduation.... nothing else is really major lol. Well this review will be interesting and relatively long. It'll contain the second set of Spell cards and the First set of Trap cards. I dare say I can't wait to review them. This post will be very very late and I'm sorry in advance but I've had many things to do.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Alright new plan

I'm gonna have to push back the reviews a bit... I now have internet access but don't have time to review the cards inbetween events so new idea is new idea... I'll be sure to have all the review done on time just believe in me k guys?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Galactic Overload Review 7 Black Burning!!

I'll try to have tomorrow's review uploaded tomorrow but since I won't be here tomorrow or Friday I have to schedule them in advance meaning I'd be doing 22 reviews today alone. I'll make it work somehow guys just keep viewing and supporting this blog with your kindness and it'll work out. Reviews Start after da Read More!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Galactic Overload Review 6 - Xyz Shokan

So this review will be all Xyz monsters from Photon Butterfly Assassin to Inzektor Exa-Stag you all ready!!! READY!!!! Read More of course because clogging up da front page looks a little awkward.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Galactic Overload Review 5 1st half of XYZ

Well technically about 1/4th of the Xyz but meh get over it lol. Neway, Hieroglyphs work quite well with their new Dragoon and Dragun You can now build the deck using only 2 of the Normal Hieroglyph. I normally though include 1 Alexandrite Dragon and 1 Eleciter Dragon (On DN it's Wattdragon but I don't trust that yet because I don't think you should be allowed to special summon a 2500 beater from your deck when a Dragonfly is destroyed (If you can great that gives Watts some interesting Rank 6 possibilities thanks to Lightray Sorcerer and because of how Dragonfly doesn't need to hit grave to activate you can quite easily build a Macro Watt deck...). This review will stretch from Dragon Witch, Protector of Dragons until Photon Streak Bouncer (Which if the card really is Wattdragon yay).

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Galactic Overload Review 4 Inzektors

Well today was nice DN updated with the new set so I can test things now, lack of new banlist makes me a little sour but meh. I'll do a post reviewing the new banlist after I'm finished the Galactic Overload reviews. I'll be as stated before doing the 2 Evol Monsters, the Inzektor Monsters, and then the Lightrays today.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Galactic Overload Review 3 -Hieroglyph

This is gonna be really late I'm sorry but I had things to do IRL. Anyway how'd you all like the first 16 cards in the set? I personally thought they were all greatness aside from a few generally unusable cards which Konami loves to bless us with. This review will cover all the Hieroglyph monsters so once again a 8 card review. Wish me luck and read more.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Galactic Overload Review Number 2

Alright once again this review will be late but due to the banlist confusion and what not as so far there is no legit list yet as Shriek didn't mean to post that possibly fake one. Review is even later due to friends on DN wanting deck help and then rejecting my ideas because it didn't work when I got lucksacked (Piper Monarchs (still isn't a good idea IMO)).

Anyway to the review at hand. Read More Please

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Hopes have been answered!!! Galactic Overload Review 1

I won't be reviewing too many cards this time as I just got Soul Caliber 5 and have to play more UMVC3 in preparation for Final Round 15. But heck I've been waiting so long for these to be reviewable... And Trust me this time it won't be like ORCS. Read More for the First 8 Cards up to Hammer Shark!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gemknight Lazuli

Well random DT14 card is Random but I can't say this card is bad or anything it's just not much to really say about it. Anywho more cards from Galactic Overload were revealed along with the first few cards in Return of the Duelist... I must say I can't wait... This might be the most interesting year for Yugioh ever... New Banlist coming up, Heiroglyphs with their own better Infernity Barrier and slightly weaker Icarus Attack and instant access to Rank 6 with the new Light Normal Dragon with Summoned Skull stats... and After Atum uses it's effect there is now a Generic Xyz that can overlay straight off of it in order to keep your battle strength up... meaning OTK's are quite possible with Heiroglyph... Inzektors get some interesting support but like Blackwings meh is meh... Phantom Butterfly's are looking really nice, Lightrays may quite possibly have broken applications... Lightray Sorcerer in Agents which thanks to Hyperion/Jupiter can banish all day once they have 3 they can drop a free Sorcerer and keep the advantage going... Evols get new support but that's still an unknown quality... Dragons get a new Rank 4 Xyz that is a mini Red-Eyes Darkness Metal but takes away the effects and battling of it's targets but who cares more Xyz material is more Xyz Material... Anyway in Return of the Duelist we have a new Warrior Archetype called Heroic and a new Spellcaster Archetype that revolves around "Book of Spell" cards... I personally cannot wait this along with TCG's Battle Pack and exclusives this game is gonna get really interesting really quickly. Read More for the Review on the card I've been trying to write a review for but keep getting side tracked by excitement...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Numbers 15 Gimmick Puppet - Giant Killer

I don't have a good picture for this card is why I was putting this review off but I decided I'll swap out the pictures later so meh lol. It was either a review of this or Dragrad but I have absolutely nothing new to say on Dragrad as all I could find it had synergy with were heroes or Dragons. So I went with this... If I can't find anything to review tomorrow I'll just have to start reviewing random Sacred and Verz monsters... Full Review after Read More sign...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Drum Djinn Temtem Tempo

So I've been putting off reviewing this card because Wikia has it's effect different from Shriek, but on Pojo I was able to find a third opinion in favor of Shriek which is usually right anyway (It only had bad information a couple of times and I've personally only seen bad info once so stop discrediting it it's actually far more reliable than Wikia). So this card isn't as awesome as the Wikia says but it still is quite nice. Read More for the Full albeit not much to say review.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Clockwork Shikigami

So the new Machine support card looks nice. He's a extremely small beatstick but he can kill anything in battle even a spirit reaper believe it or not. I think this card is quite nice as a tech in any Pure Machine deck due to the ease of summoning. It's literally free Level 8 monster. Read More for the actual review.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Genesis Star God, Sophia

I've been wanting to do a review on this card for awhile but couldn't think of what to say because it was too dang hard to summon it. I still haven't summoned it yet. But I figured I can post it here and ways to summon it... I  hope you all like it my favored readers. BTW you might want to press Read More so you can actually read the attempt at a Review for this new godly card.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Xyz Reborn Review and Archetypal Deck How to

So yesterday I did a Review and how to build a deck. Today is going to be far shorter as I'm not going to restate the Ideas... Archetypal decks actually just alter the order you put in cards to an extent. So first up on the chopping block Xyz Reborn!!
Xyz Reborn
Trap Card
Target 1 Xyz Monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon it and attach this card to it as an Xyz Material.

Super Simple but can be devastating... This card allows your Hope to not be a liability through it's own effect. This card though is best used to revive Xyz that can either stop your opponents plays or disrupt their attacks. Meaning the perfect deck to use it in is Sacreds. Note this card says "and" so the last thing to happen is the Special Summon so your monsters will be vulnerable to cards like Torrential Tribute.

An interesting tidbit is that this card triggers Star of the Sacred on your opponents turn but that's not really a big deal. The most important part is that this card alone can revive a Neo-Galaxy Eyes for a random good game. Or revive a Chaos Hope for a random good game. But it's at it's best used in chain to MST or Heavy Storm to minus your opponent because unlike Call of the Haunted this card is not a Continuous Trap.

Sacred Pleiades with this allows one extra bounce posthumously meaning your opponent won't be expecting the random recurrsion of Pleiades during the Battle Phase causing a replay and if Pleadies lives through said Battle Phase it becomes a major threat again. 

Any Xyz monster in grave can be a threat if you run this and in the event you use it to great effect game 1 the opponent will be wary of it and try to play around it.

Read More for the Short Archetype guide. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Photon Trident and How to Build a Deck!

First we will review Photon Trident and then I'll be using my process of deckbuilding while working on a Photon deck as an example due to how open it is while remaining an archetype so I can please both styles of deck building. My next post though will be strictly on how to build an Archetypal deck, although this is quite obvious to veteran players, as many newer players tend to use the less useful cards in the archetypes. I'll be doing that while reviewing Xyz Reborn.

Photon Trident is a fun little card that gives any Photon a temporary 700 Attack Boost and when it does deal damage you can destroy any S/T on the field. But it also gives your photon piercing which can be quite useful. It's main usefulness is that you can use it on the defensive much like Horn of the Phantom Beast but less vulnerable especially against something Field Spell Oriented. It can also be use offensively during the damage step making it very difficult to stop. Read More for the Full albeit Short Review and the tutorial on building a deck.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Magi Magi ☆ Magician Gal

So after a much heated debated on whether to do a legitimately random card from the Wikia's random page selection or to just do the first card that came to mind... I just chose this. She though can be easily summoned a few ways and her resource intensive effect is so powerful that it nearly emulates the power of Monster Reborn and the permanently banned Change of Heart. Read More for the Full and on the spot top of the head though I've actually built a deck for it before review!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Iron Hammer OTK

Clearly not a deck post but just an explanation on the OTK that this card is capable of thanks to it's monstrous DEF stat... Just think... Limit Reverse/Call of the Haunter>Ironhammer>Inferno Reckless Summon>Shield and Sword esque card.

So when done correctly you can put out 3x 3500 monsters at once with a 3 card combo as long as Ironhammer is in grave first. But if you want to do it during the Battle Phase you can have Giant Rat ram into a stronger monster and put out Ironhammer and Reckless Summon it and then use Inverse Universe. if their monster had 2500 DEF or less you win the duel unless your opponents monster is far bigger than yours. You could also use Unity and get big damage in one attack. 
Rat is during Damage Step I thought it happened afterwards so no IRS cannot be activated.

This would work with any monster with 2700 or more DEF though so why is it special for Iron Hammer? Because Ironhammer unlike the others can attack directly on it's own. Meaning that no matter what the field situation is all you have to worry about are the backrows, and Effect Veiler. But the OTK is really really nice with Ojama Country because it doesn't worry about anything but it's hard to fit the pieces in as an Ojama Engine is very large. Well that's all I have to say for today.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Iron Giant - Iron Hammer

So this card may seem quite terrible with it's steep summoning condition of having not 1 of them but all the other cards in the ESPer Star Robin set aside from Jet Iron. So my question to you all is how do you summon it? Well that's far easier than you'd think. First off I'll be working on the Card Review page steadily when I have free time because it isn't an urgent thing to do. I'll also be working on more interesting reviews albeit most likely of TCG exclusives or slightly older cards that were recently released in either TCG or OCG. Sorry for the drab and dry reviews recently it's just become more difficult to find worthy cards to review.

Read More for the shocking truth

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Invasive Pandemic Infection

So now that I'm running out of non-obvious cards to review expect a ton of DT14 reviews up until Galactic Overload is released. This card is quite awesome for Verz though... Make Ophion search this... protect Ophion simplicity at it's best. Especially because Verz side very well into Verz Laggia you can use Ophion and Laggia in concert to lock out your opponents Bigger monsters while Laggia negates their attempts at getting rid of Ophion. There is no Read More this time because there isn't too much to say about this card.
Invasive Pandemic Infection (This card goes by a lot of similar names so I just picked one)
Spell Card
This turn, all "Verz" monsters you control are unaffected by the effects of other Spell and Trap Cards.

So this card is just as simple as it seems. It's a chainable card that say no to any form of Spell or Trap card that would affect any Verz just like Sacred Omega but without a Body yet you can run 3 of these and they are searchable from a Bigger even more effective Body. 

You can make Ophion a number of ways and when it hits the field search this card straight to your hand for use. So suddenly Ophion is safe from Dark Hole and such while your opponents only feasible way to beat it is to either tribute for a 2600 monster or Overlay for a 2600 monster. Beyond that they are in a temporary summon lock of being unable to make anything bigger than Level 4 without a Tribute Summon. 

This card can make a Verz Swarm extremely safe to the point of being unstoppable. So that final RFTDD for game suddenly becomes safe from Torrential, Mirror Force, Prisons, Bottomless, anything that'd effect your monsters!! 

This card makes Verz quite competent and paired with their other support Trap Card which functions as their own kind of Icarus Attack there are a ton of possibilities with Verz now. It's up to you all to discover all the possibilities.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Photon Sanctuary!!

Ya see Photon are quite terrible as an Archetype right now as they are what an Archetype should be... a smattering of mostly unrelated cards with similar naming schemes. This card barely support Photon but gives LIGHT monsters some nice buffs. It also allows for easier tribute summons for Sacred or any other LIGHT based deck. More on that after the break (Read More)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Different Dimension ESPer Star Robin

So first and foremost I'm going to say that after looking at the current poll results of 6-1 in favor of Card Review Link page I'll make said Review Link Page. But first here's is the most interesting card from that same DT as every other review so far. ESPer Star Sparrow on DN and in TCG when it comes out is quite the fun card. It can Special it self from the Graveyard when your opponent attacks directly but with 1500 Defense won't the opponent run it over... When ran over though ESPer Star Sparrow is banished instead of returning to the grave... Worst is that it's summon causes a replay. So what if you made your opponent attack the same monster forever?
Read more for the full review of ESPer Star Robin!!

EDIT: Note: I misread the card ESPer Star Robin only protects your monsters from targetting and not your entire field.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Verz Coppélial

This card is once again a card with seemingly little value. In reality though this card is quite nasty. Imagine tributing a innocent Treeborn Frog... To summon this beastion. With 2450 it topples over any Monarch. With 2050 Defense it is the strongest of all Level 6 monsters that happen to be DARK and Machine. But the stats aren't the major part aside from Inzektors can't run it over without Xyz lol. Without further ado aside from this quick click read more button I have Verz Coppélial!!!