Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Book of Magic Support Revealed (Still on Hiatus)

I'm still technically on Hiatus but I found some cards I like so I'll do as much of a review as I can on the new Magical cards all of which are amazing in concert with the older Book of Magic cards... This is a partial review of Abyss Rising is the only reason I can do this review in good faith.

Magical Warlock, La Pende
Level 1
When this card is sent to the Graveyard, add 1 Level 3 "Magical" Monster from your Deck to your hand.

REVIEW: If this translation is correct this card is great... It means that you can send this to the graveyard for a cost and still receive the bonus search.   If anything it gives another dimension to this deck and makes most of the best Magical monsters searchable. If used for a Synchro Summon it still works. The only true problem with this card is that there are very few ways to massively plus from the effect. Being Level 1 and WATER though opens up some interesting plays to mill it from the deck at will. Genex Undine is the optimal choice... lets you send this straight to the graveyard to search Genex Controller and Temper. This deck though can now actually run Magical Stone Excavation and other such discard to fix your hand cards. Not missing timing is also quite useful in that you can Quickdraw to drop this... search a Level 3 Magical normal the Magical Sync for Junk Destroyer nuke a card... Being Level 1 means you can Junk Synchron to make Armory Arm and plus... Yes you can even use this for an Xyz Summon... Necronomicon a Level 4 Spellcaster to revive this card... Overlay with the new Level 5 Magical to be reviewed later on. I like this card and Magicals seem a ton of fun with their interesting interactions.

Magical Lao-Tse, Ermit
Level 3
While this card is face-up on the field, each time a "Book of Magic" Magic Card is activated, increase the Level of this card by 2, and this card gains 300 ATK.

REVIEW: It's essentially the Strength again but in Hermit form... but instead of 500 ATK and 1 Level to any Spellcaster by putting your books back in deck and providing a perpetual engine... It simply gains 300 and 2 levels... Making for easy Rank 5 when controlling both it and Forse you can use a single Grimoire for a Rank 5 Xyz Summon. Beyond that though card is rather underwhelming.

Magical Instructor, Cisty
Level 3
During the End Phase of one of your turns you activated a "Book of Magic" Magic Card, you can activate this effect by removing from play this card on the field. Add 1 LIGHT or DARK Level 3 or higher Spellcaster-Type Monster and 1 "Book of Magic" Magic Card from your deck to your hand. The effect of "Magical Instructor, Cisty" can only be activated once per turn.

This card though is amazingly awesome. First off just for playing a Grimoire you can upon End Phase grab another Book of Magic/Spellbook card and ANY LIGHT or DARK Level 3 or above Spellcaster to your hand. There is an engine with this considering it'll even search Chaos Sorcerer. It's pretty much a plus 1 when used with a Book of Magic card that pluses on usage and at 1600 she may be able to destroy something in battle before hand making her very worthwhile. I can't say much about her because she is quite vague in requirements. Note: She can Search Exodia the Forbidden One for shits and giggles or any Gravekeeper while simultaneously circumventing Necrovalley. She can even search Neos Wiseman. Not to mention she's already searching for your Book of Magic cards which gets more bonkers this set.

Magical Emperor Ampoure
Level 5
You can activate this effect by removing from play 1 other face-up Spellcaster-Type Monster you control and 1 "Book of Magic" Card in your Graveyard. Select 1 face-up monster your opponent controls and gain control over it until the End Phase. The effect of "Magical Emperor, Ampoure" can only be used once per turn, and during the turn this effect was activated, this card cannot attack.

REVIEW: This is a great summon target with Temper if you control any other Spellcasters. Just banish 1 Spellcaster and 1 Spellbook from your grave... and you get any monster you want for a turn. In exchange he cannot attack... As if that mattered... Now all we need is an easy way to spam monsters on the field to use his effect and then overlay. This card simply makes the game more one-sided than it already is and is more of a win-more card. Even though in a tight situation L'amour to Temper to Necronomicon to revive anything level 4 or lower becomes amazing. Steal BLS and Overlay for 5.

NEXT CARD: (The Empress)
Magical Imperial Saint, Triss

Rank 5

2 x Level 5 Spellcaster-Type Monster
This card gains 300 ATK for each Xyz Material on your side of the field. Once per turn you can activate this effect by removing 1 Xyz Material from this card. Shuffle your Deck. Afterwards, reveal the top 5 cards from your deck. Select Monsters on the field, up to the number of "Book of Magic" Cards revealed by this, and destroy them. Afterwards, return the revealed cards to the top of your deck in the order of your choice.

So any two Level 5 Spellcasters for a 2600 Beater... And if you take off 300 ATK points and 1 Material you can shuffle and then top 5 cards... for each Spellbook revealed kill a monster... Then you can arrange them in any order you wish... That is amazing utility... If you happen to kill two creatures you have essentially plussed as you can set up your next 5 turns and play accordingly as a side effect of the free destruction. I can see myself using this most definitely.

NEXT CARD: (In TCG Book of Magic is translated as Spellbook)

Almanac Book of Magic
Spell Card
Select 1 of your removed from play "Book of Magic" Magic Cards other than a "Almanac Book of Magic" and add it to your hand. Only 1 "Almanac Book of Magic" can be activated per turn.

So in essence for those banished Spellbooks you now have a way to return them back to hand for reuse... That is amazing aside from the fact that it's much like Light of Redemption and normally what you banish throughout the duel won't be needed to being with so this card can be skipped over for the most part unless you build yours to use many Banish a Spell effects... If it let you add up to 2 Spellbooks it'd be great because then it'd be a plus.

NEXT CARD: (The main reason I love these cards is because of what books they represent)
Goethe Book of Magic
Quick-Play Spell Card
If you control a Spellcaster-Type Monster, activate this card by removing from play up to 3 "Book of Magic" Magic Cards in your Graveyard. Apply 1 of the following effects, according to the number of cards removed for the activation of this card. Only 1 "Goethe Book of Magic" can be activated per turn. ●1 Card: Select 1 set Magic or Trap Card on the field and return it to the owner's hand. ●2 Cards: Select 1 Monster on the field and change it to face-down Defense Position or face-up Attack Position. ●3 Cards: Select 1 card your opponent controls and remove it from play.

REVIEW: This card automatically makes the Almanac quite good. You can for instance banish 1 Spellbook to bounce a set backrow... That isn't very great but at instant speed it can be a mini MST. If you banish 2 Spellbooks you can either Book of Moon or Book of Taiyou. And with 3 you can banish ANY card your opponent controls at instant speed that is amazing the closest card is Offerings to the Doomed which skips your next Draw Phase. The only problem is getting 3 Spellbooks in grave to banish which can be done at a plus thanks to Grimoire Necronomicon shenanigans.

FINAL CARD:  (The Tower I'd assume as it is a Tower and La Maison would be The House/Home/etc)
Book of Magic Institute, La Maison

Field Spell Card
Once per turn, you can activate this effect during your Standby Phase if there is a Spellcaster-Type Monster on your side of the field or in your Graveyard. Return 1 "Book of Magic" Magic Card other than "Book of Magic Institute, La Maison" from your Graveyard to the bottom of your deck, and draw 1 card. Also, when this card is destroyed by your opponent and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 "Magical" Spellcaster-Type Monster from your hand or Deck, whose Level is equal to or lower than the number of "Book of Magic" Magic Cards in your Graveyard.

REVIEW: The best card for the Archetype possible... First off once per standby phase if you have a Spellcaster on field or in grave... you can cycle one Book of Spell from your grave to the deck and draw 1 card... Then if your opponent doesn't want you to get the advantage they can destroy it but even then you can grab a free "Magical" monster from your deck... If you have no other Spellbooks... this card itself counts because it activates in the graveyard so at minimum a Level 1... if you used Grimoire to search this a level 2... If you actually played Yu-Gi-Oh this game you can play what ever you want... Essentially you are drawing two cards every turn... Note that this card doesn't shuffle so you won't draw the card you put on the bottom but it makes Grimoire Hygromanteia loop far more consistent. Lets say turn one you use Grimoire and grab this card... +0... Summon Temper...+0 play this card +0... Tribute Temper for Junon +0... so no immediate advantage right? Well end with the Field Spell and Junon sitting on field. Opponent has to immediately kill a 2500 monster in order to keep a field. If they don't kill Junon and just T-set you win... draw phase plus 1... Standby phase Grimoire to bottom of deck draw again plus 1... You just plus 2'd for no actual commitment not to mention thinned the deck by one large creature. And every turn your opponent has to deal with major plussage. The Fortune Lady Magical Variant also gains a ton from this card...

Well anyway that's all for the review now back to Hiatus until I see something else I like. I'll probably be making a new blog Exclusively for Vanguard Information... Tourney Reports... Card Reviews and so on... If I really start playing M:TG That blog will also be used for that. This blog will remain purely Card Reviews when I see something I want to do a post on. Thanks for so much positive support you guys are awesome.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Temporary Hiatus

Blog will no longer be updated until I can start playing Vangaurd or Mt:G in a tournament setting from there I will no longer be doing Yu-Gi-Oh posts as I'm just no longer able to create anything worthwhile. Though honestly if I do find something interesting I'll happily do a post on Yu-Gi-Oh. I'll still do Card Reviews on new sets just I will no longer be building Decks or Testing Decks for that matter. Starting from Booster 7 of Cardfight Vanguard I'll be doing full set reviews for that.

So in essence I won't have a new post until either Abyss Rising, Magic 2013 or Booster 7. Unless I find something really interesting to post that I feel needs to get out there.

I'm very unapologetic for this as I just don't really feel like I'm doing a good job with this blog so I want to take it to a new direction with something I'm genuinely interested in. Before I've been forcing myself to post something everyday which became very difficult to do and ruined my joy in playing Yu-Gi-Oh.

I thank all of you who have supported me to this point and if you feel like no longer following this blog I will not blame you as I'm no longer going to be catering solely to the Yu-Gi-Oh crowd and even then sparingly. I still play on DN from time to time when I get an idea. Just don't expect me to post something everyday even when I return it's been stressing me out so badly and I'm quite worried for my health (My weight has to be dropped before I can pick up on such stress again).

Once again thank you all so much. When I finally return to this blog I'll make it the most amazing blog of all time with all of your help and input. Any troll comments will go undeleted as I will not be checking it. If necessary when I return I'll go the Rauzes route and start a new blog altogether for a fresh clean start. My writing skills will have hopefully improved by the time I return so I'll actually be interesting to read even when the content is subpar at best.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Vanguard Posts... and Yu-Gi-Oh Format Analysis

From lack of viewership I can see you all dislike Cardfight Vanguard Posts. I did give you proper warning though a month ago. I will still do Yu-Gi-Oh posts I just don't have anything Yu-Gi-Oh related to post on except that:

This Format is dumb and brings in a ton of variety in decklists but leaves the overall power level too high.
(Top 16 of Philadelphia):
Dino Rabbit
Dark World
Chaos Dragons
Final Countdown

Of those decks though the ones that have the most behind them are Chaos Dragons and Dino Rabbit considering the ENTIRE TOP 8 of Philadelphia was Dino Rabbit and Chaos Dragons.

Top 16 though had even more Dino Rabbit and Chaos Dragon but included 1 Dark World, 1 Wind-up, 1 Inzektor, and 1 Final Countdown deck...

Imagine this scenario though what if more players shifted over to Chaos Dragon instead of Dino Rabbit due to the results of this tourney. Less Dino Rabbit means less free wins for Chaos Dragon and more wins for Inzektor. Wind-up are still Borderline Tier even with less Dino Rabbit. Dark World also stay Borderline. Final Countdown though would still rarely show up due to how that deck works.

These aren't of course the Tier 1 decks but I can list them for ya.

Due to sheer popularity and top 16's (Using Pokemon Terminology) From March 1st Onwards
Dino Rabbit
Chaos Dragon

Dark World

Final Countdown
Chain Burn
Six Samurai
Chaos Piper

Everything else

This list is built not by Tiers but by usage statistics.
OU = Overused
BL = Borderline
UU = Underused
NU  = Neverused

More in depth analysis of the match-ups will come at a later time.