Saturday, August 18, 2012

Banlist Change and Life Change

The banlist is going to be shifting this September and I have moved into my Dorm Room and obtained both internet and cable so I'm set for life here.

So let me go through the changes of this list that change the Meta so majorly.

Future Fusion
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Banning Future Fusion as I thought they would harms Chaos Dragon and makes them less derpy. It also puts a stop to all the Future Fusion FTK/OTK decks and sadly does harm decks such as Chimeratech Overdragon builds but that's just a side effect of this major change.

Banning Brionac seems awkward at first glance but in reality most of the Future Fusion FTK's were due to Brionac along with Brionac creating some OTK's simply due to it's normally fair effect.

Inzektor Dragonfly
Inzektor Hornet
Chaos Sorcerer
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Evigishki Gustkraken
Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity
Ultimate Offering

Limiting Dragonfly makes Inzektors less consistently derpy and stops their massive plusses from getting out of hand the second turn.

Limiting Hornet lowers the chances of your field getting wiped for a plus due to simply bad card design and makes it so that when it's banished it may stay banished unless the opponent invests in Leviair to get it back.

Chaos Sorcerer's limit hits anything running Chaos and because BLS hasn't been doing much it hasn't moved.  Sorcerer simply is BLS 2-4 so now it's back to limited which won't be noticed anyway.

Spore coming off the list gives a major boost to Plant Synchro Decks without making them stupid again.

Tsukuyomi coming off the list doesn't really make waves or anything like that it just sorta exists... It may be useful in some deck but it isn't a big deal.

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon being limited puts another nail into the Chaos Dragon coffin so it's basically dead

Evigishki Gustkraken's limit hurts Gishki using Level 6 Rituals majorly but also kills the annoying Hieratic Gishki Hand Loop deck...

Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity's Limit kills Wind-up Loop as it was the enabler of the loop. Hunter can only ditch one card like before the loop was discovered.

Ultimate Offering's Limit was solely to stymie Offering Machiners Gadgets and their nasty playings that Offering creates.

NEWLY SEMI-RESTRICTED: (More Semi-Limits than the Semi-Limited list has)
Rescue Rabbit
Agent of Mystery - Earth
Debris Dragon
Black Feather - Kalut the Moon Shadow
Tour Guide from the Underworld (Longest name in Japanese ever)
E - Emergency Call
Pot of Duality
Hieratic Seal of Convocation
A Hero Lives
Mirror Force

Rescue Rabbit going to 2 hurts the consistency of Dino Rabbit.

Agent of Mystery - Earth going to 2 increases the power and consistency of Agent decks to a playable level once again.

Debris Dragon going to 2 brings Plants up majorly and gives more consistency to Plant Synchro.

Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow going to 2 gives a huge boost to Blackwing decks which is a godsend for a deck I personally dislike playing against.

Tour Guide from the Underworld needed to get hit. This is a very soft hit but it injures Dino Rabbit and Chaos Dragons substantially and just stops the stupid 4 card engine and makes it a less consistent 3 card engine.

E - Emergency Call going to 2 slightly hits HERO builds but doesn't damage them majorly.

Pot of Duality going to 2 kills a little of the consistency every deck had which is perfectly fine for the game and not a problem

Hieratic Seal of Convocation at 2 hits Hieratic decks and decks using their engine without killing anything.

A Hero Lives going to 2 doesn't really matter and simply hits the consistency of A Hero Lives based decks.

Reasoning to 2 can possibly impact the game but doesn't seem too major right now but I may try it in a Synchro Build where guessing the level doesn't matter.

Mirror Force to 2 is major but gives another big trap back to balance out the Triple MST Heavy Storm format. So now you can have a backup Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute in case of random death.

Necro Gardna
Emergency Teleport
Destiny Draw
Level Limit Area - B
Swords of Revealing Light
Magic Cylinder

Necro Gardna to 3 gives a small boost to Lightsworns and other mill related decks
Marshmallon at 3 gives a small boost to your stall options and with all the available destruction isn't overpowered.
Emergency Teleport at 3 to give a nice boost to Psychic's without bringing back Mind Master (Which can come back without ruining the game or anything just give them some OTK's and FTK's which sadly keep it banned).

Destiny Draw at 3 gives a nice boost to the D-HERO Engine but should have come with Malicious going to 3 as well to bring back some nice decktypes that actually played Yu-Gi-Oh with you.

Level Limit Area - B at 3 isn't a problem when Xyz are the main way to spam from the Extra Deck now along with the majorly high amounts of backrow destruction.

Swords of Revealing Light does nothing at 2 so why not put it to 3 yay lol.

Magic Cylinder does nothing at 2 so put it at 3 and make those MST's more useful than before.

So this list hit every single top deck not named Dark World because of their inherent inconsistency while bringing back enough S/T to make the Triple MST not as major of a threat.

This will slow the format enough for it to be easy to gauge what the real threats are for the mid season March List but this format will be very interesting as most players will be too scared to try their newly hit decks at the beginning. My Roomates... so not gentlemanly... I can't keep up with that.

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Few Deck Idea's I've been working on

So I've been playing around with Nimble Angler and found some nutty plays...

Turn 1: Pitch Nimble Angler for Swap Frog... drop Treeborn to grave... grab out two Nimble Manta... Overlay for Gantetsu return Swap to hand as there's no point in playing anything further.

Turn 2: Revive Treeborn Frog... Normal Summon Swap Frog... pitch Ronintoadin... Bounce Swap Frog... Pitch any other WATER to summon Swap Frog.... pitch Dupe Frog or Treeborn Frog... banish it for Ronintoadin... Activate A Forgotten Ocean... and make all your WATER's gain 3 levels... overlay for Tiras or something if they summoned a monster then you could just Volcasaurus it to death and so on...

The deck just does nasty things onetime in the span of one turn... I summoned Megaloabyss... Gaioabyss... and Photon Strike Bounzer on my first turn of play using only Level 2 monsters and no Reborn or anything that is limited to 1...

My brother and I were also working on using Blockman... If you have two Blockman in grave and use Block Golem to summon both... if you protect them for your opponent's turn you can tribute them both for a total of 4 Block Tokens... Tribute for a God Card right? Yep you are right... Just that easy... Then after that you could even use Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane to tribute one of the tokens to revive Block Golem who can then get back both Blockman again... so now your field consists of Obelisk/Osiris and 2 Blockman... you can either protect both Blockmen for a turn and get 4 more tokens... or overlay for a Rank 4 Xyz summon like Fairy King Alverd or Kachi Kochi or Gem-Knight Pearl something EARTH.... Just a fun idea... not to mention using Block Golem to revive Koa'ki Meiru Guardian who then become active on the opponent's turn... so nasty...

I've been working on a Prophecy Deck as well and it's been going relatively well... It has tons of tools to deal with Rabbit decks but very few to deal with Inzektor's or Chaos Dragons... Partly because the build doesn't have enough room for a good Trap Line-up... I'm working on slimming it down but that's hard so I'll probably drop the Flamvell Magicians and 1 Spellbook Magician and 1 Wonder Wand for 4 more Traps to bring the total up to 10.

Anyone remember that Wan-Chan! Exodia deck I made a while back... well I'm still working on making it better it's hard enough to deal with by virtue of being easy to side deck for if you expect it but you shouldn't expect it because it isn't a mainstream deck. Still it is the most consistent Exodia deck I've built... I may actually try running A Hope for Escape because A Dog's Chance lowers my Life by 2000 after I use it without any One Day of Peace's to protect my life. But the double Reckless Greed has still been working great.

My Brother and I worked on an Alien deck which worked well and a Falcon Punch deck that utilizes Golgar and Prohibition to create fun situations and explosive plays. We built a deck of purely Spell Cards thanks to Jam Breeding Machine and also we built a deck of purely monsters thanks to Gallis FTK being a nice secondary win condition... (We only won a single game with that after we edited the deck to make that easier... Normally we just tributed for a God Card and won early... (Only God Card we got to summon was Ra but he won every game he was summoned in.)

So we have been having a ton of fun so far and I plan to post decklists after I move into my dorm room... BTW because it's the first week of school next week I'll be unable to post as I get acclimatized to the schedule. Same for Vanguard blog...