Saturday, April 28, 2012

State of the Blog Address

Advanced Dark Review: First Double post in a while

Well back to normalcy for now. I'll be doing decklists starting May 1st but I need to gather more information and build a few more decks and test them so until then I'll be on a slight hiatus. Don't worry I'll be back May 1st with not just decklists but also Card Reviews and such interspersed throughout as I need variety in my posts in order to survive the month as I've recently noticed.

This month has been quite nice in terms of growth averaging 430 views a day. Which is slightly better than last month which is good pacing if I do say so myself.

I've discovered a lot about my own tastes recently so I'm quite pleased to announce a new change to happen to the blog in a few months. Quest Comics is going to soon be hosting Vanguard tournaments along with their M:tG and Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments. I'll be enrolled in West GA this fall in time for Set 6 and 7 of Vanguard to be released in English. I'll also begin playing M:tG in earnest once M13 or w/e it will be called comes out. I've essentially quit playing Yu-Gi-Oh in real life not due to a dislike of the game but rather a lack of fun as of late. I'll still be doing Yu-Gi-Oh posts but this fall I'll have far more post variety and far better posts in general as it branches out to include multiple games.

I'll still do set reviews and as my skill in Vanguard and M:TG increases I'll do set reviews for them as well. So I'm very happy now. I'm now though looking for a good Yu-Gi-Oh player to host his Tourney Reports on this blog, there won't be any pay of any kind but you'll have full rights to your posts which won't be altered without permission. Well if you feel like you want to help out with such a thing and can do so at least three or four times a month I'll gladly accept your application. Just E-mail me at, with:
-Your preferred E-mail address
-Google Username
-A snippet (Paragraph) of an article you have written for any topic recently
-Time Zone
-How often you go to Locals, Regionals and YCS's

With all that information I can decide on who to have join my relatively inactive staff of Authors. Just please for the love of all that is holy try to use as little texting speech as possible. "lol" and "WTF" are very much so fine just don't use them too often as I am personally trying to use them less as well.

Thank you for your continued support through this trying time.

Advanced Dark

This post will be beneath the State of the Blog Address but no matter this will be the last review this month as I'm honestly running out of material in terms of new cards. Most of my other choices are sorta obvious in their uses so its really hard to have interesting reviews.
Advanced Dark
Field Spell
The Attribute of all "Gem-Beast" Monster on the field as well as in the Graveyard(s) is treated as DARK. Also, if a "Ultimate Gem Lord" Monster attacks, negate the effect of the Monster selected as attack target for the duration of the Battle Phase. During the Damage Calculation of a Battle involving a "Gem-Beast" Monster you control, you can send 1 "Gem-Beast" Monster from your Deck to the Graveyard to have the Battle Damage to your Life Points as a result of that Battle become 0.

REVIEW: This is quite possibly the longest text I've seen for a Field Spell card ever. This is quite possibly the most deck changing field spell ever printed. This card essentially says you can abandon how you once ran Crystal Beast in favor of a more interesting way.

Now you can make Crystal Beast into a Dark deck sounds evil right well it is evil. This card first off makes dealing damage hard for the opponent and doesn't interfere with the Continuous Spell aspect. Rare Value now helps set up Dark Armed Dragon plays. This also makes Rainbow Dark Dragon playable which can mean that Merchant Crystal is a playable deck now... set Merchant drop a ton of Crystal Beasts and other Dark monsters draw into Advanced Dark. Well now you can banish them all for the big guy. Then RFTDD for them all back. Lets be honest with ourselves though most of the time Ancient City - Rainbow Ruin is far better than this card for Crystal Beasts. This card just is a fun way to run Crystal Beasts and can quite possibly breathe new life into the deck.

I'm not saying this card is absolutely terrible or even bad this card is actually quite good. I just as it stands can't find an easy way to absolutely abuse this card yet mostly due to my lack of experience using Crystal Beasts. Well I hope you all learned something new today about this card and its possible applications and the changes it can bring to Crystal Beasts. DARK in grave means a lot now that PTDN came out so don't be surprised if you find some amazing combo thanks to this card.

Friday, April 27, 2012

My feelings towards the game now

I was playing on DN recently with my Watts trying to see how they would do at the sneak tomorrow. They fared terribly. I played with my Geargia on DN recently and they did very well. I've noticed that the game with this new change to TCG has changed a bit. I've seen less reckless play than before among the more knowledgeable players. Now that their plays can actually be stopped without a minus.

I though personally have grown a bit disenchanted overall with this game even though the ruling change makes me very happy I still cannot find myself enjoying my time playing most games as there is such a slim chance of a close game now. Either a game is one way completely or the other there hasn't been much of a close match recently.

I still really like this game but I doubt I'll go to the sneak preview or play much in real life anymore. I just do not have the money or time to devote to playing with people and visiting locals. So from now on expect most of my information to come from playing on DN. I would do this sneak but 20 dollars is a steep price when I have no job to supplement that and parents will not pay for it. Instead of the sneak I can buy a new pair of shoes if I save up a bit more.

I'll resume standard reviews tomorrow but for now let me rest I'm very fatigued.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Short Post: Immediate Changes

With the new rulings so far I've seen less overall Dino Rabbit decks as players on DN seem for some reason to think the deck is now terrible. It is far from terrible it will still probably remain Tier 1 for a good while.

Inzektor's are unaffected and play the same as before.

I haven't seen a Hero Beat build yet but I can assure you it will be a force to be reckoned with.

Geargia took a small hit by the Geargiarsenal vulnerability.

I haven't been able to observe much else aside from REDMD's effect being stoppable without veiler which greatly changes the Chaos Dragon match-up. That is all for now.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

EMERGENCY POST: Ignition Effect Priority TCG ONLY

First off let me direct you here:

Now for the post... This change to the game is massive and makes the life of a judge so much easier with the nice little perfect flowchart. First off Ignition Effects such as Chaos Sorcerer now must wait until the window is "Open" to activate their effects. Meaning if you summon a monster or make an action the window is no longer "Open".

This means that because the window is not "Open" your opponent can actually activate and resolve an effect to destroy or otherwise affect your monster before you get the chance to activate the effect (Only for Ignition Effects).

Trigger Effects are unaffected by this change due simply to how chains work.

This change in laymans terms:
Summon Zenmaity... Bottomless... GG...
Summon Rabbit... Chain Disappearance GG...
Summon Stratos... Bottomless... Gets effect anyway.
Summon Dragonfly... Trap Hole... doesn't get to equip Hornet loses Dragonfly...

Summons Atums on Saturday/Sunday... Hieratic Seal of Banishment before he can use the effect...

REDMD gets Bottomlessed before it can activate...

BLS - EOTB gets Raigeki Breaked before it can activate...

In long term this change means... Summon Alius... set 1 go... Summon Rabbit... Gemini Spark... GG (Now your only defense being Super Poly has changed...

This game will change majorly from this and Rabbit takes a rather big hit without killing them... meaning they won't be as broken as before. Still broken when they aren't stopped but not omnipotent. No longer needs many banlist hits to it either. Inzektors can possibly be a problem though later on.

To think we've been in this ruling quagmire since Exiled Force became a major card... (It was one of the earliest cards that could tribute itself as a cost after all).

If any of my information isn't consistent with the link above sorry. Anyway please get all your friends and everyone you know to read that link fully.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Miracle Contact

Miracle Contact
Normal Spell Card
Return to the owner's deck, from your hand, field or Graveyard, Fusion Material Monsters that are listed on an "Elemental Hero" Fusion Monster Card that has "Elemental HERO Neos" as Fusion Material Monster, and Special Summon that 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck ignoring the Summoning Conditions it has.

Must I say Finally. This card just invented an entirely new Hero Deck that we couldn't use before. Neos Heroes.

Some awesome comboes include. Turn 2 Convert Contact to drop Air Hummingbird and Aqua Dolphin and draw 2 cards. Normal Summon Stratos to grab Bubbleman. Hero Mask to drop Neos to grave... Stratos becomes Neos in name. Miracle Contact for Storm Neos. Destroy all backrow... Special Summon Bubbleman Overlay for Excalibur... Detach both... Miracle Fusion for Absolute Zero or Great Tornado... 4000+3000+2500... To pull this off though you'd need Convert Contact, Stratos, Hero Mask, and Miracle Contact within a total of 8 cards. 

Other awesome comboes include Convert Contact to drop W/E (It all works)... Summon Prisma to dump Neos or Stratos to search Neos. Miracle Contact for W/E within a 3 card combo 2 of which you actually have to draw into. Being able to Contact fuse from the hand using this card is so very useful. Yeah it puts the monsters back in deck but that's good. Neo Space finally has a purpose Pathfinder is finally useful... It's a LIGHT for Shining...

When this card comes out next Month I'll be playtesting for hours on end on DN just to make this card amazing. I mean it does come out exactly 5 days before the last day of school for Seniors so I'll have ample time for more fun stuff.

Just when you think about this card, Think about Cross Porter and Convert Contact... Hand Destruction to drop two Cross Porter... draw 2 cards add to hand Grand Mole and a Airhummingbird. Convert Contact... drop the Grand Mole and a Flare Scarab from deck... draw 2 cards... you have now draw 4 cards searched 2 cards and used a total of 5 cards from hand... so a overall plus 1... Now you simply drop a Stratos for another plus 1... then you can Miracle Contact for a break even play... and if your opponent has a field they'll probably take over 3000 damage... if you instead of Magma Neos  went for the Air Neos route you depending on if you took damage already can drop a ton of pain on the opponent. Even better how you could follow up with Miracle Fusion or Super Polymerization for GG.

N-Heroes just sounds like a ton of fun I can't wait to build them.
Hand Destruction until further revisions is not simultaneous I'm sorry for my mistake. This of course makes my Hand Destruction play not possible.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Gransoil the Spiritual Rock-Residing Lord

Sigh name is far to long on DN I like Shrieks translation better makes it sound more epic. Back to actual business I've reviewed this already for the Full Set Review but i'm going to review it in a Different Light without the bias of the set itself. This also won't have a Read More because it needs not one.

Gransoil the Spiritual Rock-Residing Lord
Level 8
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except when there are exactly 5 EARTH Monster in your Graveyard. When this card is successfully Special Summoned, you can select 1 Monster in either player's Graveyard and Special Summon it. If this card is removed from the field, you must skip your next turn's Battle Phase.

Alright I've been researching decks that can best abuse this card. First on the chopping block is Gem-Knights.

Gem-Knights can run Block Golem now giving them far more explosive options than before and they can quite easily control their graveyards size in the process of the duel without second thought. So my main way of dropping a quick T2 Gransoil is to Summon Armadillo to search Obsidian... And then Gem-Knight Fusion Obsidian and anything else for Zirconia or Rubys or Prism-Aura depending on your set-up. Rubys would tribute the Garnet that is summoned by Obsidian then you'd banish the Garnet (Unless you have another Obsidian (Which means you probably won) to regrab the Gemknight Fusion... then you can fuse Armadillo and any other Gemknight in hand for Zirconia. if you get to attack first then swing in for over 6000 damage. The next turn you can if you were able to keep more Rocks in grave utilize Block Golem to revive both and Fuse using the same Gem-Knight Fusion throwing a 4th or 5th Rock in grave depending on draws. You can then just simply Gransoil for game.

Simplifying this though and the correct way to set-up your hand would be to turn 1 Duality>Cardcar D... that way you have the extra cards in hand needed. If you were able to obtain Future Fusion you can do this far easier... Such as. Fusing any 2 Normal Gem-Knight with Gem-Knight Fusion... And then using Future Fusion to drop 2 Lazuli and a Garnet for Gemknight Master Dia. Grabbing two of the Normal Gem-Knights to hand. leaving you 4 EARTHs in grave (Card Car D, 2 Lazuli, 1 Garnet)... Banish the extra Lazuli for Gem-Knight Fusion leaving you with 3... Fuse the two again for w/e... leaving you with exactly 5... Gransoil for game like literally GG if you made Zirconia and Prism-Aura/Rubys yeah... 2900+2800+2450/2600+1900/Whatever your opponent has.

Another way I really like is Geargiakuri. Turn 1 you can just set Geargiarmor and Geargiaccel/MK-II/any Karakuri Tuner/Iron Call/Emergency Teleport be ready for GG... If your opponent actually runs into the Geargiarmor and it doesn't die...
 if you have MK-II
1. you would grab Accel
2. on your turn Flip and Re-Flip up Armor for another Accel
3. Special both Accel and Overlay both Accel for Geargiganto X detach for Ally Genex Birdman. Grave: (Accel)
4. Normal Summon MK-II grab Accel and bounce Geargiganto X for Birdman. Grave (Accel)
5.Birdman and Accel Sync for Burei who grabs Saizan Grave: (Accel, Accel)
6. Saizan syncs with MK-II for Burei who grabs Haipa (Accel, Saizan, Accel, MK-II)
7. Overlay Burei and Burei for Big-Eye... Take the opponents monster... (Accel,Saizan,Accel, MK-II,Burei)
8. Special Summon Gransoil to grab Burei from the grave
9. Swing in with 2100 + 2600 + 2800 + W/e their monster had if above 600 GG... If they had no monster then well dang how's they hit your Armor...

I won't describe the others really as you can sorta just see what would be the case.

This card essentially makes Tele-Geargiakuri very scary if you can manage to obtain one Gransoil in hand before doing your combo he can come out in the middle of it for game... BTW Dragons with Future Fusion using Gransoil also can OTK lol yugitroll. Future Fusion + Gransoil + Foolish Burial/Cardcar D... Turn 1 you'd Cardcar D... to draw a bunch... then if you have Future Fusion and Gransoil this is what'd happen the next turn...  Future Fusion to drop 4 EARTH Dragons and REDMD... Special Gransoil to grab the REDMD who'd then Special Summon Tiger Dragon 2800+2800+2400 = 8000 lol.

There are a ton of things that this card makes scary. I'd splash in 1-2 of these in Rock-Stun even just as a surprise aggression. Anyway that's my speal for the day.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thunder Seahorse

Short Review as i've covered it many times recently. There will be no need for a Read More button this time.

Anyway moving on...

Thunder Seahorse
Level 4
You can activate this effect during your Main Phase by discarding this card. Add 2 Thunder-Type LIGHT Level 4 or lower Monster with 1600 ATK or less and the same name from your deck to your hand. The effect of "Thunder Seahorse" can only be activated once per turn, and during the turn you activated this effect, you cannot Special Summon Monster(s).

I really like this card. It is really a great searcher for any Thunder deck. Grab 2 Batteryman AA if you wanted. Grab 2 Wattcobra or Wattgiraffe. Honestly the best use for this card is in Watts or Exodia builds. Thunder Dragon to grab 2 Thunder Dragon. Thunder Seahorse to grab 2 Thunder Seahorse... Pot of Duality... One Day of Peace...  Cardcar D suddenly you've gained 4 cards in hand drew 3 cards and grabbed one of the top 3 to your hand... and can take no damage the next turn. If you drew things like Reckless Greed you'd set those before the Cardcar D effect.

This card being able to search so many different Thunder monsters is very useful in that this card is an inherent plus 1. Also can be more if the next turn you use the searched Seahorse to grab 2 more Thunder's. This card can grab any level 4 or lower Batteryman at will. I'm very happy this card has 1600 ATK or else it'd be broken with Recycling Batteries.

In the side deck for Watts you can run Electric Virus. Well this card can search two of those to your hand in order to deal with the Dragon and Machine match-ups.

This card can even search Elemental Hero Voltic. It can grab two Watthopper for future Lockdown usage... This card just has a lot of potential. Being unable to Special Summon doesn't really matter much as if you are using a Thunder deck you probably don't Special Summon much anyway unless it's the kill stroke. I can see this card gaining heavy usage in Watts and bringing Batterymen up a little in playability.

Well that's my 10 cents on this card and how I believe it should be used. If you have more to add please leave a comment and I'll be sure to think on't.

EDIT: Anonymous also mentioned Morphtronic Radion as a Target for this which could be pretty useful. As that'd be the largest monster you can search with this card.

Once they have this on DN i'll have some good work to make.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Return of the Duelist Review Final Trap Palooza

I'm gonna power through this tonight some reviews may be a little inadequate where I have little to say about the card but meh. no frivolity but pure business. You will notice that I won't be as excited sounding in my posts and I will try to give off a slightly more professional air if thats fine with you all... needs to practice after all.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Return of the Duelist Review 7 French Madolce

Alright now that DN is updated I can rejoice in the simpler pleasures of life once again. I'm working on a ton of new decks for next month and I can more accurately review things now yay. Anyway Rock-Stun got a major boost yay Block Golem makes the deck terrifying in late game and then we have Grandsoil making their late game explosively dangerous. Rock Bombarding Area is really good in conjunction with Koa'ki Meiru Guardian against Hieratics as Su cannot destroy the Area or backrow without getting negated... Atums cannot activate without getting negated... just so evil... made even more so by being unable to destroy the monster in question. Wanchan!? can search Unifolia and Kinka-Byou so I built a Fabled Beastdown deck... Chawa, Cerburel, Ganashia, Unifolia, Kinka-Byou, Big-Tusked Mammoth, Three Thousand Needles... so nasty when it works... so much advantage Kinka can loop my Unifolia to revive Big-Tusked or Needles forever. Ganashia+any of my Fableds make Thunder Unicorn or Kudabe/Unicore. Imagine a forever revivable Unicore lol oh you killed it good troll... Voltic Bicorn is made easy with Big-Tusked and Cerberel.... Bicorn everytime it dies can be revived by Unifolia Kinka comboes for mill forever trollol. Anyway onto the reviews yay!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Return of the Duelist Full Set Review 6 Revenge of Spellcasters

Hetalia!!! Alrighty then I'm going to commence with operation darn I knew it would be too good to be true. so we can no longer use Miracle Contact for Rainbow Neos but oh well we can still make more fun things like Magma Neos and finally build N-Heroes. BTW Thunder Seahorse is the best Thunder Monster in the game... Discard it to add 2 Level 4 LIGHT Thunder-Type monsters with 1600 or less ATK from your deck to your hand with the same name... You can only activate a Thunder Seahorse once per turn... Meaning... Exodia just got another way to thin that isn't Thunder Dragon... So one can actually Thunder Dragon for two of itself... Then Thunder Seahorse for two of itself... essentially thinning the deck by 4 cards... and next turn being able to thin by another 2 cards if running more legal Thunder targets... but who cares about Exodia... Watts can now search out Wattcobra, Wattgiraffe, or Wattpheasant for a plus... I can imagine the turn one play for Watts now... Duality grab a Dragonfly... Thunder Seahorse grab Two Giraffe... Set Dragonfly End... Opponent runs it over grab Cobra... Summon Giraffe and start the end game lol. I mean consistently having a monster to play makes Watts scary as every monster translates to 1000 more damage added on to whatever Burn that they've taken from Cylinders or the clock that is Wave-Motion Cannon and means less useless top decks. Read More for the review

Monday, April 16, 2012

Return of the Duelist Full Set Review 5 Overlay Network

First before we dig into the Xyz monsters of REDU let me take a moment to show you all something I found today and nearly died seeing...
This link shows you Duelist Edition 1 and 2 which are essentially japan's own mini Ra Yellow complete with Secret Rare D-Draw, Plasma, and wait for it... wait for it... Miracle Fucking Contact Yes!!! It lets you make any Elemental Hero Neos Fusion regardless of summoning conditions... Meaning every Neo-Spacian Fusion and possibly Rainbow Neos if I'm reading it correctly as it must be Special Summoned by Fusion summon but this ignores summoning conditions. If it does summon Rainbow Neos we have a new awesome deck to play with if it doesn't well meh who cares still awesome and makes Neo-Spacian Fusions actually truly playable... We also get Advanced Dark in Duelist Edition 2 which lets us turn all of our Crystal Beasts DARK which makes Rainbow Dark Dragon and Rainbow Dragon far easier to summon... Advanced Dark even sends Crystal Beasts

Then we are also going to be receiving in the new Structure deck.
Sea Emperor Dragon Poseidra

WATER/Sea-Serpent - Effect/8/2800/1600
Effect unconfirmed: You can Special Summon this card from your hand or Graveyard by Releasing 3 Level 3 or lower WATER Monster you control. When this card is successfully Special Summoned by this effect, return all Magic and Trap Cards on the field to their respective owner's hands. If 3 or more are returned, all Monster your opponent controls lose 300 ATK x the number of cards returned.

Straight from Shriek(Who got it from Manjyome Thunder (they are working together after all) it's not absolutely broken but its quite easy to summon and when it does come out you get to bounce all S/T's and possibly even harm the opponents monsters by 900 or more ATK points. Not to mention the Deep Sea Diva and Surfacing Reprints... yum...

We are confirmed to be getting No. 91 Thunder Spark Dragon ya know the 5 rank 4 monster that is nearly impossible to summon on a good day... well we are also getting the monsters used to help summon it.

Then we receive
Black Feather - Damascus the Polar Night

DARK/Winged-Beast - Effect/3/1300/700
Effect unconfirmed: Activate by sending thisc ard from your hand to the Graveyard. Face-up "Black Feather" Monster you control gain 500 ATK until the End Phase of this turn. This effect can (only?) be used during the Battle Phase of your opponent's turn.

This comes from V-Jump Festa

We also are going to get
Black Feather - Gram the Twinkling Star 「BF-煌星のグラム」
DARK/Winged-Beast - Synchro - Effect/5/2200/1500

We have no idea what the effect is but it doesn't really matter thanks to Vayus existance... suddenly... Vayu+Shura=Gram... then from Grave you make another?!?!!? WTF WTF WTF?!?!?

Finally from the Numbers Guide we are receiving

No. 40: Gimmick Puppet - Heaven's Strings 「No.40 ギミック・パペット-ヘブンズ・ストリングス」
DARK/Machine - Xyz - Effect/Rank 8/3000/2000
2x Level 8 Monster
Once per turn, you can activate this effect by removing 1 Xyz Material from this card. Place 1 String Counter on all other face-up monster on the field. During your opponent's next End Phase, destroy all Monster with String Counter on them, and inflict 500 Damage for each destroyed Monster to your opponent
Ultra Rare

We knew this already but the effect is new... and amazing... suddenly all monsters on the field are put on a 1 turn death clock... not to mention this beast is a 3000 beater made simply by two Level 8's thats just too good. This and Giant Killer are going to be very useful in the Extra decks of some things.

Well I'm done with my speal of awesomeness and I'm hoping you all can't wait for such things to be released.... TCG GAOV has revealed another Exclusive. Evoltile Elginero... When tributed draw 1 card... then send 1 Dinosaur from your hand to the deck... Then search your deck for 1 Evoltile... Meaning... Elginero>Evo-Force/Enemy Controller/Monster Gate/W/E...> draw a card>fix your hand>and search for another Evoltile...

The sheer plusage... Imagine it with Evo-Force... Tribute it grab from deck a Diplo or Vulcano depending on field and grave... hopefully a Vulcano in best situation. Vulcano grabs a dead level 4 Evolsaur. Then you get to draw a card... then you get to put back a Dinosaur... then you get to add an Evoltile...

Activate Evo-Force minus 1... tribute Elginero minus 1... Grab Vulcano plus 1... Vulcano grabs a dead Evolsaur plus 1... draw a card plus 1... put back a Dinosaur minus 1... add a Evoltile plus 1...

All in all a positive 1... meaning Overlay please for a neutral gain and a Laggia/Dolkka/any other Rank 4 which can possibly become a plus on its own... It's nowhere near as broken as Najasho but it is still really good.

Finally and truly finally I am done with these unrelated things and can get to the task at hand. today I'm reviewing all 10 Xyz monsters in this set and I like a good number of these so expect me to be slightly detailed. Read More for the Reviews.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Return of the Duelist Full Set Review 4

Yessir it is time for the fourth installment of reviews today we are going to go over the rest of the non-Xyz monster line-up of the set. Uniforia until Goblin Marauding Squad. Without further ado I must say... I have now beaten the Hanako Route's Good Ending... and am working on Shizune's Route hoping for the Good Ending without using outside help. Back on topic read more for the reviews of some of the most interesting monsters of all time.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Return of the Duelist Full Set Review 3

Today we go from the Madolce to the Geargia monsters 10 total. Personally I love the Madolce's, their art, their effects, their cuteness, everything... just too awesome. Well anyway Puddincess gives 0 fucks about your game. BTW this is gonna be 2 hours late sorry 10 PM EST is the earliest I could finish it too much fun on DN.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Return of the Duelist Full Set Review 2

Sorry for the delay. I had fallen asleep after I got home and woke up this morning (thanks Benadryl) Moving on the review will be under the Read More link please press it for the review. OOPArts-Magical 12 card review please enjoy the Reviews and leave a comment if you have anything to say about it I'll gladly respond... if you have your own different review to supply for one of these cards I'll place it in the review. If you see any blaring mistakes that actually matter please inform me and I'll fix them ASAP.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Return of the Duelist Full Set Review 1

Alright before you read this post I want you to either scroll down to the previous post or follow this link( either way you'll be rewarded with a very nice decklist for a very unsupported archetype. I am talking about Fortune Ladies... not that Fortune Lady Hero crap that says oooh I draw a lot and summon Absolute Zero!!! No it's nearly pure Fortune Ladies just 5 non-Ladies in the whole deck 3 of which are still female. Besides its just a ton of fun and is rather beautiful to watch perform. Anyway once you have looked at the awesome deck (It was just posted today and I am also posting this card review that could overshadow the deck due to being at the top of the blog posts...) Read More Please for the 8 reviews of the day.

Books of Fortune

The following list is powerful and fast yet unstable so be warned.
EDIT: This was posted by Ernest but I never remembered to sign out of my account on his computer... so it automatically posted as me. I have resized the image to make it easier to see. But because of this I'll help out by adding in the text version of the decklist because people tend to complain when I don't.

Monsters: 13
3x Aqua Spirit
2x Batel of the Books of Spell (DN Name makes it work with Grimoire lol)
3x Fortune Lady Dark
3x Fortune Lady Water
2x Fortune Lady Wind

Spells: 24
3x D.D.R Different Dimension Revival
1x Dark Hole
3x Fortune's Future
3x Gold Sarcophagus
1x Heavy Storm
1x Monster Reborn
1x Moray of Greed
2x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x The Grimoire Books of Spell
1x The Hygromanteia Books of Spell
2x The Necronomicon Books of Spell
2x The Torah Books of Spell
1x Lightning Vortex

Traps: 4
2x Reckless Greed
2x Torrential Tribute

The deck works by utilizing Fortune Lady Water and Dark with cards like D.D.R and Necronomicon Books of Spell to spam draws...

Major plays include. Gold Sarcophagus to banish Water>Fortunes Future... Gold Sarcophagus to banish Dark>D.D.R Discarding Water... Banish Water for Aqua Spirit>Fortunes Future... Necronomicon banish Water for Level 9 3600 DARK>Fortunes Future... Fortune Lady Wind to hit backrow and then any of the above plays to put out a DARK. The deck doesn't aim to Xyz anything much more than Lavalval Chain as a 3200-4000 ATK Dark is massive enough on its own.

And thats all for my edits on this post.

Because I Yuginshin didn't post this it doesn't count as breaking my rule of me only posting Card Reviews this month. Also I'm still going to post the REDU Review tonight just make sure you all read this post as well.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Decks that receive a major boost from REDU revealed line-up

EDIT: Loses sleep time to re-edit the post because I'm a good person who actually cares about the quality of my posts.

1. Dark Magician Decks
2. Earth decks
3. Rock-Stun
4. Spell Counter Casters
5. Spellcasters
6. Fortune Ladies (Massive boost... If I can get Ernest to post his deck on here you'll all see)
7. Geargia
8. Madolce
9. Heroic
10. Photon and Level 8 Xyz
11. OOparts
12. Empty Jar (OOParts Colossal Head) I thought Morphing Jar was level 3 sorry.
13. Gadgets
14. Machina Gadgets
15. Gagaga
16. Final Countdown
Read More for the analysis of a few less obvious ones (And for the Edits)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

heh heh

Runs out of things to post whatsoever... um I guess I can fill in with information about what I've done recently... Madolce are quite interesting, especially Madolce Majoleine... As she like Stratos can search another copy of herself... She's also a Spellcaster so benefits from Hygromantei Books of Spell... Magical Warrior Forse is quite nice in this regard... Forse can return Grimoire and Hygromantei to your deck so that they can loop each other while boosting Forse 500 everyturn... turn 1 3000 beater that searches Grimoire is really nice... Forse's effect on a Majoleine can be quite nice too 1900 beater that can go back in the deck upon murder... So the deck works like this.

You summon Majoleine... search Majoleine... and then run it like 5th gadget with even less monsters lol. So all the deck needs is to obtain 1 Majoleine at the start of the game and it'll always have a monster... of course this is all just a concept. The deck does need some kind of muscle as the biggest Majoleine i've made was 2900... using both Forse and Hygromanteia... The deck works and keeps advantage quite well through those one for one trades. It runs Card car D because sometimes you don't need to play anything at all...

I've been thinking of putting in Tragoedia and Veilers and Maxx "C" and stuff just so that I have more cards to use from hand and Tragoedia would enable me to have a bigger beater than 2000 Forse... Fissure and Smashing grounds in tandem give me a ton of monster removal but the deck really needs to be able to put out bigger monsters. I could use Madolce Chateau but that'd be hard because I want Majoleine to return to deck lol... but a 1900 Stratos is nothing to scoff at. I'll keep researching these Madolce, Magical, Geargia, Earth cards as much as I can. Thanks for viewing and sorry I don't have a card review this time I just haven't found anything...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mellowmelody the Brass Djinn

I've been wondering about why this card is used for awhile until I realized why Daigusta Falcos was used... Any double attacker can essentially give the possibility of an OTK. Well heres da review

Friday, April 6, 2012

Geargia Skeleton

Well after that revelation this morning thanks to Baha I'll be giving you all a general skeleton for Geargia... which also makes today really easy on me because I don't have much in mind for a blog post today anyway lol.

No Read More this time just a straight post
3x Geargiarmor
3x Geargiano MK-II
3x Geargiarsenal
3x Geargiaccel
X whatever you want

0-3x Iron Call
1x Pot of Avarice
X Whatever you want

X Whatever you want

In essence the entire deck as it stands is about 12-15 cards specific to Machines or Geargia. Then you can like Gadgets throw in whatever else you want to put with them. You could try Birdman, Tinplate Goldfish, Rescue Rabbit, Karakuri's, Gadgets, Machina, etc etc...

The decks main strength now that the loop and Iron Call abuse is gone is in its undying. Your monsters all in some way grab another monster from your deck or graveyard... Meaning you will quite nearly always have a monster... And if you are able to keep a Geargiarmor on the field you can begin an explosion... one time thanks to keeping a Geargiarmor I was able to make Geargiganto X and Utopia Ray and almost won (Hero's killed every attempt at set-up). The deck benefits so much from the Earth support in the set that I honestly can't say how much the deck will change... (5 exact is easy with how they control their graveyard... so the Earth God is a really good beater for them.) Clockwork Shikigami is also a great asset as the monsters themselves are quite weak. Machina Fortress even has some synergy with the deck... Fortress pitching Arsenal... Summon MK-II grab Arsenal to get Armor... swing in for 3500... set Armor face-down... if your MK-II survives the turn you can end the game.

Essentially the monsters want to stay on the field a bit longer than one turn so you can utilize them for a game ending play... keeping a single Armor on field to use it's effect twice can end games too. So some stall backrow can be very helpful in that regard. There's a lot of flexibility offered in this archetype. Now though I'm waiting to see if they get 1 more support card or not lol.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Maestroke the Symphony Djinn

I never did review the rest of the starter deck back in February lol. Well heres another review courtesy of me.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Black Feather - Gladius the White Night

So back to reviews we go... I'm trying not to run out of new cards to review before the new set comes out... been playing with Geargia... so much advantage and so many summons... Iron Call is godly in that deck... Geargiarsenal is broken... Summon Geargiarsenal... tribute it for Geargiarmor... Iron Call on Arsenal... tribute it for another Geargiarmor (Iron Call negates the effects on the field... meaning tributes for their effects are great making Geargiano and Geargiarsenal extremely powerful). Set both Geargiarmors face-down and set some traps and end your turn 1... on your next turn flip both... grab Geargiano MK-II and Geargiaccel... Summon MK-II get back Arsenal... oh lol Arsenal makes me laugh... tribute Arsenal grab a third Geargiarmor... special summon out Geargiaccel... Overlay one of the old Geargiarmor and Geargiaccel for Gear-Giganto X... Search deck for Geargiano MK-II again for next turn shenanigans... Set the new Geargiarmor and the old one that wasn't used for Giganto via's it's effect... You have in two turns just thinned 6 monsters from your deck... and they are now either in hand field or grave to be used for brokeness... next turn if Gear-Giganto doesn't die... you will get 3 more monsters to hand... and possibly more if you decide to make another Gear-Giganto lol deck is nutty. Magical are quite nutty as well... Junon is broken... Necronomicon is broken... Grimoire and Hygromantei are broken... Torah is well meh... Hygromantei on Junon for a 3500 beater that can search more fuel for it's effect or for Temper's effect to make another Junon... Big Eye is a major card for the deck... Letting you steal monsters... Endymion (The Monster card) is really really good in the deck as an alternative Junon with a slightly bigger body... Alternatively you can use Dark Magician with Junon for Dark Magic Attack (Pulled it off murdered someone because of it). You can even skip Junon entirely and focus the deck around Dark Magician lol. You can see that I can't wait... now to wait for them to put Madolce, Heroic, and the new Earth support in... OH that's right I'm supposed to be reviewing Black Feather - Gladius the White Night... Please Read More to see that review lol.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Not really a review but a status update

So June the next month for Card Reviews won't have the newest set... Thats a bad thing for me... New set comes out in July... Cover card is CNo 32 Ocean Biting Dragon Shark Drake Vice... wins my award for best Chaos Xyz monster in the game based on name alone. 3 Level 4 monsters was hard enough for a monster that consistently deals big damage... I can't wait to see what it's Chaos Xyz Change does. considering it would have 4 Materials lol. What if it let you like I don't really know unlike Vanguard stuff like this isn't easy... what if when you had 1000 or less life... this card is unaffected by card effects and cannot be selected as an attack target plus it's original effect lol. (Or make that first part of the effect sorta like Gantetsu and have it remove a material as a quick effect to make it like Sacred Omega that can't be hit... and give it some ridiculous effect. Well anyway I had nothing real today lol.

Monday, April 2, 2012

No.6 OOParts Atlanthal

Well I'm happy for the 449 of you who viewed the last post didn't freak out. But that was the high point of my april fools day... my first one I've ever had outside of school I think lol. Anyway today we are reviewing No.6 OOParts Atlanthal. This card is quite nice and caught my eye as a good and very balanced card. Read More for the full review and the picture oh and I was out with family for dinner... ordered a all you can eat wings meal for 11 dollars (First Mistake)... Asked for the hottest hot wings they could make (Second Mistake)... The waitress laughed at me and kept making jokes about it... I finally get the hot wings and smell them... (Third Mistake) I gag at how much pepper is on it... There were literal seeds from peppers on it... my friend ordered 10 standard hot wings and ours looked and smelled drastically different... I braced myself and ate all 15 while sweating, sniffling, trying not to vomit, and trying not to cry. So the waitress has been making fun of me the whole time... I get up to wash the peppers ans sauce off... upon entering the bathroom I held the vomit back and washed  up... forgetting to get some warm water(Fourth Mistake)... Leaves the bathroom and tries to drink my lemonade... Can't taste it... asks for my second helping to be barbeque (Fifth Mistake)... After I finish my 6 barbeque wings my father gets a to go box for his 6... I realize I could have kept the same wings... and gotten a to go box and gave them to someone I hated... Went home and started this blog post (Final Mistake)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oyacorn Goodbye Until May

Yep this card is so awesome and BTW I will not be reviewing anything or posting anything until next month as I  just don't like this anymore.
Anyway onto the last review until May where I'll stop doing decks and instead blog about Cardfight Vanguard and it's new set to release in last I checked May. So this is the last Yu-Gi-Oh post good riddance