Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Orichalcos = Best Card in YGO

As you all know the card is slated to be released at the same time as Return to Ravnica and right after Booster 7 so I couldn't be quitting YGO at any better time. I may be coming back to build ZeXal Weapon.dek but that'll be later most likely. Until then I have played with Orichalchos today.

My results were pretty amazing. 2200 King Tiger Wanghu is a nasty nasty thing. Also there was 1900 Madolche Magileine's and 2150 0r 2450 Verz Thunderbird which is just evil. The one Orichalcos per duel restriction isn't that bad just used Cursed Seal of Forbidden Spell and Card Guard. Card Guard becomes a 2400 Beater upon Normal Summon.

This is just focusing on the Power Lines monsters start to break once you have 2600 Cyber Dragon's on field the game is just dumb. But even more dumb would be 2400 Breaker's that can protect your weaker monsters. Thing is I don't know if Orichalcos protects the weakest or all the weaker monsters. If it's Weakest then it's less good but if it's Weaker then it is far more amazing than expected and some cards become amazing. Also you can special summon after using Orichalchos as long as you don't use the Extra Deck.

My friend Dangerdeceition or as you all may know Ryu Kuze built a Orichalchos Daedalus deck. It runs like Lightraysworns but focuses on turn 2 dropping Orichalchos and then playing a shit ton of Lightray and Boss monsters... Lightray Daedalus can destroy Orichalchos and 2 of the opponents card but Orichalchos will always live through it.

There are just a ton of fun little interactons I may have a final build for this blog using Orichalcos tomorrow for you all as my last post for Yami no Duel. Don't forget to if you play Cardfight! Vanguard visit my Vanguard blog from time to time it's been getting pretty fun for me.

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