Thursday, September 6, 2012

Junk OTK 5 is a failure

I hate Quasar.dek with Synchron Explorer and Road Warrior because I didn't think it up... so not counting that... also not counting the far more fun Plant Synchro... this deck just lost all power...

I've tried to revive it every format... with Spore coming back along with Reasoning it got a boost in power but is still overly susceptible to the double torrential and double mirror force coupled with a higher use of Starlight Road due to said traps... I've been running it with Triple MST and Double Night Beam and it occasionally sacks a few games but it just isn't able to do it often enough when all the top decks available now can run so much more disruption... Wind-up's can set a full backrow almost... Geargia will set a full backrow...

So the decks boosts...
+ Spore
+ Double Reasoning
+ Double Debris

Decks loses overtime...
- Glow-up Bulb
- Triple Debris
- Double Pot of Avarice
- Double Dandylion
- Triple Formula
- Triple Librarian

Those loses hurt far more than the boosts help. Because I wouldn't have to run Junk at all if we had 3 Debris and 2 Dandylion and a Glow-up simply because it'd be a broken OTK in itself...

I've sacked about 3 games with it over a two day period recently added in Ryko's and more backrow hate so as to actually get my plays off. The Ryko's don't do enough anymore and the backrow hate must be drawn to work but when I draw it i'm missing key combo pieces...

I'll have to regress back to Plant Synchro at this rate... I may eventually find a way to make this really good but Plant Synchro is calling me.

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