Friday, September 14, 2012

I have decided and there will be no regrets

I am going to be fully quitting YGO with the release of The Seal of Orichalcos. My last posts will be my views on The Seal of Orichalcos and the decks is affects with it's release.

This'll be a short post to test out my idea of making Fictonalized Tournament Reports. This one is from DN hence why it's going on here instead of my Vanguard blog. Take time to read it and maybe for your tourney reports try it out it may make them more fun to read.

This match was very short and he quit in the end on DN... had a good rating. I changed his name so he can't be located. This is told in the first person and with little detail in the actual plays.

(Me) Lonefire The Dark Sun Dragon VS (King of Tech Genus)Thunder Family
King of Tech Genus drew for his turn and smirked he had drawn his favorite combo for the first turn. He immediately Normal Summoned Mahunder and used her effect to Normal Summon Sishunder! I had no responses as I had the pleasure of going second. “I open the Overlay Network! Xyz Summon, Sacred Constellation be Reborn!, Constellar Omega!!” He said as he created the first Xyz Monster of the duel. “I set one card face-down and end my turn.”

I drew for my turn and saw my favorite monster combo in my hand as well, Dandylion and Debris Dragon!! My hand consisted of: Dandylion, Debris Dragon, Tytannial,  Princess of Camellias, Evilswarm Mandrago, Evil Thorn, and Mystical Space Typhoon. I contemplated for a minute but eventually “I set a monster face-down and set a face-down card, Go!”

He drew for his turn and laughed Maniacally, “I activate the ability of Constellar Omega!!! All my Constellar monsters are immune to your Traps!”

“You do know that you can wait until I use a Trap right?” I reply mockingly. He continues his turn into the Battle Phase and declares an attack on my face-down monster. My Dandylion was flipped face-up and mutilated by his monster. “When Dandylion is destroyed I can summon 2 ‘Dandylion Token’ in it’s place,” I placed two Dandylion Token’s on the field.

“I end my turn,” said King of Tech Genus and at that moment I opened my face-down card to reveal Mystical Space Typhoon, he made a pronounced sound of pain as his set Bottomless Trap Hole was destroyed.

I drew Call of the Haunted and giggled a little, “I Summon Debris Dragon!! Who then uses his effect to Special Summon my Dandylion from the Graveyard,” With my 4 monsters to his 1 I couldn’t summon Evilswarm Mandrago but that was fine. It was time for the Synchro Summon to combat his Xyz Summon. “I Tune my Debris Dragon to my Dandylion and one Dandylion Token! Clustering Wishes form a greater power, Synchro Summon, Take Flight, Stardust Dragon!” King of Tech Genus had a look of absolute shock on his face as my Synchro Monster took the field with grace followed by two more Dandylion Tokens. “Battle, Stardust Dragon destroy his Constellar Omega! Shooting Sonic!” Constellar Omega was destroyed and King of Tech Genus dropped to 7900 Life Points. “I set 1 face-down card and end my turn.”

“Hmph, you think your ancient artifact can keep up with the galactic power of Xyz?” He drew a card. “I activate Recyling Batteries to return my Mahunder and Sishunder to my hand and then I normal summon them both again! I Open the Overlay Network, Xyz Summon, Maestro of the Symphonic Djinn’s, Maestroke the Symphony Djinn!!” His second Xyz monster took the field weaker than the first but I could tell it was more powerful. “I activate Maestroke’s first ability he can detach 1 material to flip your Stardust Dragon face-down!” As I flipped my Stardust Dragon to face-down defense I noticed he had 200 ATK too little to actually destroy it and then I realized his true intention! Dark Hole. “I activate Dark Hole!”

“But if you do that it’ll destroy your Maestroke as well,” I said incredulous at his willingness to destroy his own monster after going through so much to put it on the field to only destroy 1 real monster.

“I don’t care about that muhahahahaha,” said King of Tech Genus as all of our monsters were destroyed. I looked at his field and his Maestroke was still alive albeit with 0 Materials. “Maestroke the Symphony Djinn can survive any destruction by removing one of its materials, hahaha, but I’m not finished yet! I activate Spirit Converter! And follow up with Heavy Storm!!” He continues to waste his own cards for a marginal benefit worse than the marginal cost.

“In response to your Heavy Storm, I activate Call of the Haunted to return Dandylion to my field,” his Heavy Storm destroyed his Spirit Converter and my Call of the Haunted which destroyed Dandylion. I gained 2 more Dandylion Tokens to protect my life while his Spirit Converter gave him back both Sishunder and Mahunder. I was convinced he was retarded… So far he has used Recycling Batteries, Dark Hole, Heavy Storm, Spirit Converter, Sishunder, Mahunder… Out of those cards he now has only 3 cards left in his hand 2 are Sishunder and Mahunder the other is unknown.

“My Maestroke destroys your token!” King of Tech Genus’s Maestroke took down a Dandylion Token in a swift blow leaving me with only 1. “End my turn”

I drew another Call of the Haunted and knew how this game would end. “I Summon Evil Thorn!”

“Why would you summon a 100 ATK monster against my Maestroke do you have a death wish old man?”

“heh, I activate Evil Thorn’s effect to Tribute itself to summon two more from my deck and deal 300 damage to you!” Now with my field of 2 Evil Thorn and 1 Dandylion Token I was set up for game over because I knew he only thought of the short term and not the long term. “I set one card face-down and end my turn.”

“My turn, I activate Thunder Seahorse’s effect by discarding it from my hand I can add two ‘Thunder’ Monsters to my hand from my deck!” He added two Pahunders and sealed his fate. “I set 1 monster face-down and have Maestroke destroy one of your Evil Thorns.” I took 1700 damage and he ended his turn.

“Final Turn!”. I drew Dark Armed Dragon and knew the game was over. “I tribute my Evil Thorn and Dandylion Token, to Summon Tytannial, Princess of Camellias!!”.

“First a Synchro Summon and now a Tribute Summon how old can you get,” King of Tech Genus snickered. I supposed he had never before used Tech Genus with his base comments about my old friends.

“Didn’t I tell you this is Final Turn? I have 3 Dark Monsters in my graveyard! I special summon, Dark Armed Dragon! For the final bit of Damage I activate Call of the Haunted to Special Summon Stardust Dragon once more!” He shuddered and looked around for an escape route he checked his hand and his grave finding nothing. “Dark Armed Dragon’s effect banishing two of my Evil  Thorns to destroy both of your monsters!”

“Ha you think I’ll lose that easily!! Noob your deck sucks and you suck you Netdecker scum,” as King of Tech Genus said that he grabbed his deck and ran leaving his monsters on the field.

“Once again old friend we have made a terrible person and duelist quit this game,” I said as I packed up my cards and then all the onlookers were astonished as a 1950’s era English police box appeared in the middle of the room. I waved to all as the door was opened and I stepped inside to adventure to the past of Yu-Gi-Oh with the Doctor.

My future Vanguard Tourney Reports will probably be of this nature as well hopefully at least one of my matches if I can remember everything if not i'll change things to make them more eventful as long as most of it is correct.

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