I'm Human too (About Me)

I Yuginshin actually have a name but that won't be disclosed lol. I am a self-proclaimed fiction writer enrolled in a high school somewhere set to graduate in May. I have been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! for many years since I was I think 6 years old or so. I started playing semi-competitively when I was 8 with of course a terrible deck but I knew exactly what the CC decks were (Cookie-Cutter for the uninformed) and I was around for Goat Control as well as Troop Dupe Scoop. Only Format I didn't play was Tele-Dad because I had just moved to Georgia and didn't know where anything was lol. Upon the release of Synchros I found a new love for this game and with Xyz it just compounded.

My older brother also posts occasionally on here if you didn't notice the different authors lol. I've recently made a resolution to not whine and well that's about all for about me as I'm an interesting person who loves Anime and Japanese Culture but I also love European and British culture as well. I play fighting games and am trying to become competitive in those if I can just get my PS3 to work how I want.

I tend to make really really obvious attempts at jokes that are quite bad so bare with me.

I now am a proud Cardfight! Vanguard Player and a fledgling Magic: the Gathering Player believe it or not. I hope to be able to listen to all of your complaints and appraisal in the form of comments. Thanks for your continued support that keep this blog going as I do not plan on using that terrible monetize feature.